Psychollywood is a polish rock group, based in Tricity, Gdynia. The band was formed by Dominik Koziura(bass) and Marcin Krzyzanski(guitar) in 2004. Short after that Michal Wojcik(guitar) has joined them, as a perfect musical and personal match. Back then, band regrouped for a few times with several musicians of local acts, such as Blindead(Konrad Ciesielski,Patryk Zwolinski), ex-Behemoth(Rafal Brauer), but it took a long time before appropriate parts of the puzzle started to fit. Finally in 2008 Psychollywood has started to work on their debut material with new vocalist David Zwolan, and as Tomek Wyrabkiewicz(drums) has joined them later on, the current line-up was then complete.
Psychollywood defines itself as a high-energie rock'n'roll, heavily influenced and inspired by hard music of the 80's & 90's, but at the same time they try to hold the balance between what rock'n'roll would sound like and their own sonic identity...

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